Dreamland Aqua Park


  1. All guests must have a valid ticket to enter.
  2. Children below the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. 
  3. Multiple entries/exists are not allowed once enter the park.
  4. All bags are subject for inspection. Bringing food, drinks, glassware, picnic baskets, hazardous or dangerous items and pets are not allowed inside the Park.
  5. Bicycles, scooters, and personal flotation devices are not allowed inside the Park.
  6. Ticket refund policy. All tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable, No substitutions or changes will be allowed. This includes power outages and natural disasters.
  7. Prices, operating schedules and attractions availability are subject to change without prior notice. Dreamland Aqua Park does not issue rain checks or refunds due to inclement weather.
  8. The Management reserves the right to refuse admission for any guest and to control occupancy when required. Maximum Park Occupancy is 12000 visitors.
  1. Dreamland Aqua Park is a family oriented park. In view of preserving healthy family environment, modest dress and swimwear is expected from all guests. Revealing or offensive clothes, provocative or thongs swimwear are not considered appropriate and are not allowed.
  2. Traditional swimwear is required to participate in any of the water rides and attractions. Pants, cutoff shorts, denim and /or cotton wear are not allowed.
  3. Swimwear with rivets, buckles, belts or metal ornaments are not allowed on certain rides.
  4. Displayed tattoos must be in good taste and not offensive to our family environment.
  1. Running, jumping, diving and horseplay are not allowed inside park premises.
  2. Proper Swimwear is mandatory to use water rides and attractions. Swimwear with exposed buckles, rivets, zippers or metal ornamentation is not allowed on specified water rides and attractions please refer to safety guide posted at each ride.
  3. Always swim with a body never swim alone. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied or supervised by an adult.
  4. Please shower before and after entering the pool.
  5. Food and drinks are prohibited inside the pools.
  6. Glassware and other hazardous items are prohibited inside the park.
  7. Always keep your slippers on while outside water. Caution! Pavement might be very hot!
  8. Apply adequate sunscreen at least 15 minutes before entering the pools.
  9. For your protection, Please follow safety rules posted at each ride and listen to the lifeguard instructions before riding any attraction.
  10. Our lifeguards are highly trained and qualified. They use one whistle blast to gain the attention of the guest. Please give prompt respect to instructions given by guards and ride attendants.
  11. Many rides and attractions are dynamic and thrilling. Most of them require a minimum height of 48″or 1.2m. These rides are not recommended if you have a history of medical problems such as brittle bones, heart decease or High blood pressure, recent surgery, neck or back problems, or if you are pregnant please refer to Safety Guide posted at each ride.
  1. Dreamland Aqua Park practice ZERO(0) tolerance policy against any offense related but not limited to theft, blasphemy, harassment of any kind and/or breaking park’s rules and regulations.
  2. Some language, gestures and suggestive art or breaking lines while queuing on rides, as well as, showing personal affection in public, may also be considered inappropriate and in violation to UAE public conduct law.
  3. Any person found in insubordination or refuses to comply with Dreamland Admission Code, Dress Code, Code of Conduct and safety code implied at the park including any other unsafe act or offensive behavior judged inappropriate by the management or existing laws could be subject for detention, arrest or removal from Park premises.